Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy Twenty 10 

How bout that? Another decade! I'm excited about a bright shining, joy & beauty filled year to come! I celebrated NYE in Orange County with wonderful friends & family, danced the night away & made some New Year's Resolutions of course. I break my goals up into categories; I wanted to share with you my beauty resolutions! In random order.... 

1. Take time for the little things and pay attention to details, like painting your toenails in a color that makes you smile; like vibrant red or dazzling coral :-) 
2. Have good hair days more often! My sister Maria at City Salon, HB does such an amazine job on my color, I vow to do it justice more often. With an occasional blow dry and hydrating treatments for my ends. Also to try NEW things with my hair. I usually do one of two things; up or down. I've fallen in love with Hair accessories and clips and bows and braids.... time to start sportin em!
3. To do something daily to get my heart rate up and to break a.... well, to glow. I love taking the stairs (unless I'm schlepping my kit with me) I love working out on the ball and I hope to take at least 10 mins a day to maintain my health.... and my body confidence! 
4. To play with makeup colors that I usually don't use on myself. I am like everyone else; I have my 4 go to eye shadow colors.... but this NYE I did a smokey black, shimmering dark gray and silver look for the countdown, and I loved it. It was different for me and just plain Fun! I have no excuse, I have over 100 eyeshadow colors to play with, and by golly, I'm gonna use em! 
5. Where ever I am, what ever I'm doing, when thoughts  of fear, intimidation, or self-esteem issues jump in my mind, I promise to take a time out to look up at the sky and realize where my help comes from, I promise to speak life and love to myself and to the people I love... I promise to take time to cultivate beauty from the inside out... and to let my light shine! And of course, to blog all about it! 

Happy 2010 Makeup Memoirs!!

Jessica Hoffman
Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist / Beauty Journalist
Founder of Pure Beauty Ministries