Monday, February 27, 2012

My first Co-Starring Role on Hawaii 5-0!

Check out the link below to see me and my Co-Star, Shane Victorino on set of Hawaii 5-0!

It was a THRILL to book my first co-star role on a national television show and have it be on Hawaii 5-0! What a perfect combo- I really did have the time of my life!!! What an amazing episode to be on, not only did I share a scene with Phillies Star Player, Shane Victorino (who invited me to a game!) but Apollo Ohno was on the episode too! (Not to mention it was sweeps season and it aired on President's Day)

I loved being pampered in the Makeup + Hair Trailer. My friend, Laura Augon did my makeup and she did a beautiful job. Being that I played a 'high-maintenance hiker' it was appropriate for me to have my 'face' on. Laura also made sure that I (as a fellow makeup artist) loved my makeup. It was the perfect artist to work with me on my episode. She used a Revlon light reflective moisturizer to prep my skin, Armani foundation, DuWop Cream Blush (applied with a foundation brush) and some other stuff- ya know, a little soft eyeliner, strong yet natural lashes, and a pink lip gloss. She of course was there at every turn, ensuring I looked put together as I wondered through the jungle.

Take a peek at all the wonderful moments we shared behind the scenes.

Shane Victorino played my team leader, and my character, Chelsea, was giving him attitude - which you can tell by my body language! 

After I walk away from the team, I find myself lost in the jungle... 

That's when I encounter a scary looking Warrior... (dum, dum, duuuum....) 

Then off to my own trailer to relax and enjoy the ride! 

 My Co-Star, Shane Victorino gave me a sweet lil gift :-) (Quoting our lines!) 

Shows not over yet... an ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording) session to finish all the final details of the show! 

If you haven't watched the episode yet, go to and check it out! 

Love, 'Chelsea'