Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dramatic Before and After Makeover!

Pulled out my magic wands for Becky's dramatic makeover on the new Tyra Bank's show! The FAB, which stands for Fun And Beautiful, just got picked up by ABC and will air Fall of 2015. As a Makeup Artist, you have to understand lighting; know how to work it and know how to use it for your benefit. Illuminating moisturizers, light reflecting foundations and concealers are a must! I'll post my favorite skin perfecters after you take a peek at these before and after pics! 

Start with an Illuminating Moisturizer- this is my fave!

And this is a gorgeous foundation! I apply it with a damp beauty blender. So smooth and radiant! 

An exceptional concealer for under eyes, when applied sparingly and patted in with your fingertip, this doesn't crease, and the formula reflects the light off the problem area (those dark circles!)  

DermaColor Concealer Palette is a must for every Makeup Artist- this little guy is a problem solver, and really helped me give Becky a beautiful makeover! 

It warms my heart to be able to pamper and beautify someone like Becky- such a hard working Mom and Grandma- someone who never uses her time and energy on herself, but in making others comfortable. She loved her makeover! And Tyra and Joe Zee did too! 

I love my job- I make other women feel more beautiful- and that's a gorgeous feeling!