Saturday, August 30, 2008

Modern Luxury Hawaii Magazine

It was a great honor to be featured in one of Hawaii's finest magazines; Modern Luxury Hawaii. When I was contacted by the Editor to be apart of the upcoming issue, I was so excited, I had always wanted to do makeup for this magazine. Little did I know, it wasn't behind the scenes work I would be doing, but rather, this would be my first interview and full page story for my work as a Hair and Makeup Artist. 

Music and dancing were an inevitable part of the shoot as photographer, Linny Morris 
worked her magic behind the camera lens; I was having the time of my life. How wonderful to have the opportunity to share your passion with the world... and at the same time, get all dolled up for a photo shoot. Two of my favorite things!   

I remember being 9 years old, waiting for my Mom to finish her grocery shopping, while Elle and Marie Claire babysat me for hours in the magazine aisle :-) The words, "I can do that!" ran through my head as I sat completely enthralled by the world of Fashion and Beauty. I studied those magazines and the faces who graced the cover and became fully convinced that I would have no problem one day doing makeup on these women... afterall, it looked so easy! Well, isn't that cute, a little 9 year old without a doubt in the world. 

Those memories, I often visit... and it always brings a smile to my face, and to my heart. I did it. I lived out my childhood dream! I'm a makeup artist!! I have yet to do the cover of Elle and Marie Claire, (although my work has been featured in Marie Claire!) but I've done dozens upon dozens of covers; international, national, and local. 
It's been a long while since those freeze-your-butt-off-from-sitting-on-the-cold-Stater Brother-Floor-while-reading-Elle Days.... but I am still transfixed by the art of creating beauty. And I am so thankful, that God placed that dream in this young girls heart, and then gave her the courage to go and live it.
Live the life you love... 
YOU are the only one who can.  

"FInd a job that you love, and you'll never work a day in your life."
Author Unknown