Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Inspiration for the Journey...

I'm inspired to keep creating and dreaming every day, with every turn there is something that keeps pushing me along in my journey as a makeup artist. Inspiration comes to us in all shapes, all colors, all moments and in all things.... stand still long enough to take it all in, to quiet your soul and reflect on the beauties of this world, to recognize the majesty of creation.... 
Be Still and know that HE is God.  (Ps 46:10)

(Matt 7:7) Seek and you Shall Find.... What are you looking for? Look for Beauty, and you will find it. 

"Men cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."

God's use of color is extraordinary....

"Only as high as I can reach can I grow, only has far as I can see can I go,  only as deep as I look can I be, only as much as I dream can I be...."

Crowning Glory

   It was quite a privilege to work with Hawaii's newest Miss this past Sunday at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel. From the opening number to the first walk as Miss Hawaii 09, Ariana Tseu stole the show! This woman is beautiful, poised, smart, passionate.... and I know she is going to do an amazing job representing Hawaii on the National Level!! I had the best time working back stage with her! Through four different hair/ makeup  and outfit changes.... there was never a stressful moment. It was so enjoyable! Don't get me wrong, backstage at a pageant you'll always be rushing.... but never a bad attitude, a negative word, or a wrong look came from Ariana. She in fact, was often mentoring and coaching some of the other contestants who had never done this before, backstage. It was rewarding to see someone take the crown who really was deserving of it! This evening marked the 10 year anniversary for Ariana, of being crowned Miss Teen Hawaii! It was a monumental night now taking the crown for MISS HAWAII as well. And as her Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist..... I was very proud!! I even got to jump up on stage to touch her up.... after she made her walk down the catwalk of course.... it was a crowning moment for both of us you could say! 

Friday, November 21, 2008

Model Citizen

It always brings me great joy to work with friends... in this case, a lifelong friend, a best friend. Renee Shaeffer and I met when we were 5 year old lil girls... and now I'm her makeup artist on her exciting journey as a model. This women is the best model there is: a role model. She has a heart that's pure and true, with a soft and generous spirit. Her passion for encouraging other women is compelling. Her bright smile can light up a room. Her exuberant laugh and zest for life is contagious. Her dedication to living a life of integrity and living a life to please the Lord is courageous... and in short.... beautiful. With so many young women out there attempting to make it as a model.... wouldn't it be nice, if every young women strived just as hard to make it as a role model? This should always be the type of model we envy, the type of model every lil girl hopes to become.... 

"To have a lovely face.... is lovely. But to first have the foundation of a lovely heart, is my definition of Gorgeous."
                                                                                                                                                                                      xoxo Jessica           

Paint the Town Red....

What happens when you put two Makeup Artist/Hair Stylists together?
a) We have way too much fun during the getting ready process, that we loose track of time.
b) We each do our own makeup... after all, we can do it with our eyes shut (if it came down to it.) 
c) They become best friends; with having so much in common, and so much to talk about of course.
d) They document the process from curlers in the hair, to out the door.
e) All of the Above. 

For the answer.... watch the video!

And the answer is, e) All of the above.
Thank you Crystal Pancipanci for being such an awesome partner in crime on shoots and off set! You are one-of-a-kind! And I have so much fun with you! To many more years of painting faces.... and painting the town RED! 

Ocean Avenue

Here are some of the tears from one of my most beloved magazines, OCEAN. The beauty of working with Ocean, is that one: they're all incredibly talented (as you can see) two: we're all great friends! These peeps are fantastic human beings, with such big hearts! Please check out the magazine, if you haven't already. I promise, you'll love it!
Editor-in-chief, Molly Chizzick; Fashion Director, Kenny Hazelwood; Director of Photography, Dominic Petruzzi; and Model, Danielle Donn all flew to Hawaii to meet me (Makeup and Hair Stylist) for an Exotic Shoot on the one and only Lanikai Beach! We had a blast in the blazing heat! But it's okay, we all got to go for a dip in the blue sea after we wrapped. I even wore my bikini to work! Gotta love that! All our hard work paid off... take a peek.

Water World

(M&H: Me / Model: Chelsey Ching / Photography: Linny Morris / Published in Honolulu Magazine)

Facial Misters aren't just for cooling.... they can also help hydrate and heal the skin. Which is why they're one of my favorite treats during a makeup, and also why I tote my aqua spritz to the beach with me, or throw one into a ziplock when I fly (which is monthly!). As we all know, sea salt, although healing in many ways, can leave your skin feeling less than perfect; same with flying. Recently I was teaching a seminar in a very air conditioned room for 8 hours straight. Half way into it, I was feeling dry, hoarse and not so hot. Thankfully I had my secret weapon with me. I pulled out my Facial Mister and felt immediate relief, I continued spraying throughout the seminar (on breaks of course!) and made it through the day with a little help from my friend. Here are some of my favorites:
      Try: M.A.C Fix + Vitamin and Mineral Spritz $16 / M.A.C Store, Ala Moana Mall This is my original fave. This smart formula consists of healing properties such as green tea extract, chamomile, and cucumber extract. Hyaluronic acid pulls moisture into the skin, and locks it in. And caffeine helps to de-puff.... both are infused into FIx +. I like to use this right before a moisturizer, and through-out the day.
      Peter Thomas Roth Aloe Tonic Mist $32 / Sephora or This refreshing mist uses whole leaf aloe vera and Vitamin A and E for your comfort. Not only does this nourish and refresh your skin, it also removes excess residue and restores skin to its natural pH. Apply before moisturizer, as this will help all products that are applied afterwards to penetrate more effectively. 
We know the doctor's orders on how much water to drink each day.... don't you think your skin is thirsty too?  Bottom line... for a perfect world, make it a water world.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


They say the eyes are the window to the soul.... that's a whole lot of pressure for your peepers! So why not give your eyes the attention they deserve. After all, if it's through the eyes we get a glimpse of what makes you, you.... you should be batting away at those lashes, and telling the world that your beauty isn't just skin deep. Don't save it all for 'the big day', here are some
Eye-do's for every beautiful day of the year:

1) While you were Sleeping: They call it beauty sleep for a reason. While you're hitting the hay, Sleep researchers say, your body is healing and repairing itself. This is why dermatologist recommend using your strongest cream at night. We need our 8 hours each night to ensure "Sleeping Beauty" status. (I need to take a dose of my own medicine on this one!) In our hectic world we live in, with all the super-women flying around town.... it's no wonder so many women wear bags under their eyes instead of under their arms. Sweet Dreams are easy on the eyes!
Try: Skyn Icelands, Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gel Patches / Sephora $45.00

2) We all Scream for Eye Cream: Yes it's true, we ALL could benefit from eye cream. The skin under the eye is so thin and sensitive, and does not produce any oil, no wonder it's the first to show signs of aging. And no one wants that. One of my favorite tricks is to keep your eye cream in the fridge, not only do you get the benefits from the vitamins and other potent ingredients, you benefit from the chill factor as well. To relieve puffy eyes, try caffeine... not in your drink, but in your eye cream... puffiness is due to build up of water. In a nutshell, caffeine disperses the water under the skin, and leaves you puff free.
Try Prescriptives Vibrant-C Skin Brightening Eye Cream. $38 / Macy's Not only does it contain caffeine, it has a beautiful, light reflecting pigment that makes your skin glow. (When I worked at Prescriptives, nearly a decade ago.... their Vibrant line was cutting edge and one of the most popular eye creams on the market... apparently, it still is! )
For Dark Circles: Vitamin K is often recommended by dermatologists because of its lightening effect on the skin
Try: Jan Marini Factor-A Eyes for Dark Circles. $75.00 / select spas

3) Let the Sunshine In: Not in my oversized, overpriced Salvatore Ferragamos! While I do love the look of humungo sunglasses (you can take the girl out of Orange County.... but you can't take the Orange County out of the Girl!) I also wear them for my protection. I know, I know, it feels oh so good to have the warmth of the sun caress your skin... but you should always protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun.... especially on an area that's as sensitive as the eye area. So go ahead, rock your shades that would make the Olsens proud! Beauty and Brains... my favorite combination! Double up with a sunscreen in your eye cream (it will help ease the look of darkness under the eyes as well)
Try: Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream SPF 32 $30.00 / Macy's, Nordstroms

4) Heatwave: For eyes that won't suffer a makeup-meltdown in the heat of the night... or in the heat of the day , use a waterproof eye shadow cream base under your powder eyeshadow, or by itself. I never-ever put eyeshadow on without a proper base, especially since relocating to island life. And I'm sorry, but the ol' trick of putting concealer on your eyelids as a base, just won't cut it. Concealer is meant to be emollient, therefore, it will never dry to a matte finish, which is what you want to battle humidity.
Try: Bobbi Brown, Long wear Gel Eyeliner $21 ( you can use this as a shadow base on the lash line and eyelid. Use a synthetic brush to spread the color over desired area.) and Bobbi Brown, Long-wear Cream Shadow $22 / Nordstroms
MAC, Eye Paint and Fluidline $16.50, $15.00/ MAC Store, Ala Moana Mall (My all time favorite fluidline color is a beautiful shimmer deep bronze called, "Rich Ground"... and every makeup artist should have "Blacktrack" fluidline in her kit as well)

5) Batting Average: I'm sure we've all had our fair shares of 'striking out' when it comes to choosing a mascara. I can't believe how many options we have today, it's rather inundating if you ask me! I had fellow beauty gurus run to the Dior Counter when Dior Show first came out, some loved it, others... not so much. Maybe mascara is like perfume, it performs differently on each person. Well depending on what type of lashes you have, will decipher which mascara is best for you. And there you have it, the million dollar question, "What mascara is best for me?" With mascaras ranging from $5- $589 (yep, that's right, you heard correctly. There's a mascara named, "Socialite Mascara" that is embellished with swarovski crystals!! Go figure.) There is certainly a mascara that's just right for you! While some may refer to me as a Hawaii Socialite (okay, so it's just my BWB Girl friends, but still....!) I'm not about to spend a month's rent on a tube of mascara.... especially since I only have eyes for one.... Lash Out by Loreal. It grips every lash to fatten every last one of them, as well as lengthening. I have been faithful to Lash Out for the past 2 years. You could say, I have a great batting average... for the past two years.... I've hit everyone out of the park!
Try: Loreal, Lash Out Mascara $8 / Longs

6) Eye on the Prize: "Whatever is true, whatever is noble, , whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think on such things... (look on such things)" Phil. 4:8 We've all heard, "You are what you eat." Spiritually speaking, this is more true than we realize. Look on things that will bring you joy, that will fill your heart with love, that will fill your dreams with hope, that will fill your soul with faith. Why would we feed ourselves anything other than what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely and admirable? If eyes are the window to your soul.... what is your soul saying? Beauty comes from within remember. We have to concentrate on inner beauty even more than the outer. You can learn all you can to play up your eyes the best you know how, but what are they saying? Be mindful of what you look at, on what you allow in your minds eye... after all, what you see triggers a thought; a thought becomes an action; an action becomes a habit; a habit becomes your character; your character leads you to your destiny. "So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal" 2 Corinthians 4:18
Try: Quiet time on the beach at sunset/ Priceless Focus on the beauty of creation. Look up. Take a deep breath. Forget all your worries. Let the sand run through your fingers. Dream a little Dream. Let the wind catch your hair. Count your blessings. Know you are Made Beautiful. Realize your Value. Smile. Thank God. And remember where your true help comes from.

Good Will Hunter

Good Will Hunter
It's not every day you get to work with a person, whose face you grew up watching and wishing and hoping that one day you would be able to work with them.  It was the late 80's early 90's when Marie Claire and Vogue would babysit me for hours... exactly when 'supermodels ruled the world'... before celebrities did. Fast forward to the summer of 2008. It was 4:30 am when I pulled up to the Pink Hotel (aka The Royal Hawaiian), luggage in tow, two big pieces actually... but it wasn't for a vacation. Today, I was working with Miss Rachel Hunter, and I was prepared! Along with the luggage filled with beauty products (including a new splurge; a cooling creme blush stick by Chantecaille which I just love!) I had my director's chair and a cooler filled with beverages; an energetic berry juice for the morning, and some energy drinks for mid-day. I wanted to cover all my bases, afterall, this wasn't your average model... this was supermodel status, and I knew that Rachel has had every makeup artist in the biz work on her.  

Two fun-filled, 14 hour days of shooting with Miss Hunter went by; 12 hair changes, 24 makeup touch ups, 20 wardrobe changes,  16 locations, 85 miles (North Shore and back), 3,000 pictures, 2 bottles of Banana Boat SPF 30, 6 energy drinks, 140 onlookers, 1 fruit basket (delivered to Rachel by one of the guys sitting on the porch of their beach front home at Sunset Beach), 3 Retro wooden surf boards, 1 Photographer hiding in the bushes (He was shooting for Hawaii Film and Television Magazine.... it went to print with a picture of me touching up Hunter!)  5 Kiwis (Production crew), 1 Supermodel and 1 Orange County Girl (Makeup Artist!) 
It was a weekend to remember; and a major perk to the job.... you get the pictures to prove it!  

Thank you to Rachel Hunter for an enjoyable shoot! 
Look for her new LOLA Swimwear Ad Campaign coming soon! LOLA is based out of NZ/AUS     


As an Artist... I wear many hats. Makeup/Hair/Styling/Production/Graphics/Designer/Model/Actress/Choreographer/Writer/Director/Editor. 
I love it all! That's the beauty of being a freelance artist.... you don't have to choose just one. As my mother often told me as a young girl, "Why have one, when you can have them all." Go after ALL your dreams. Growing up with that kind of encouragement instilled in me the visionary attributes that I possess today. I was once told to write down "50 Wonderful Things" by a college professor at FIDM (Where I majored in Visual Communications....ART) at first mention, I thought 50 was a bit frivolous; today, I have 200 "Wonderful Things" I want to do in life. I've checked off more than 50 already. Who are we NOT to live the life of our DREAMS. 
At times, I admit... wearing multiple hats can be quite inundating even to the strongest of women; but let's face it girls, it's just more fun... and we do it oh so well..... 

Makeup/Hair: Jessica Hoffman
Photography: Harold Julian
Styling: Hugette
Model: Cece
Published in DISfunkshion Magazine

Makeup Artist Note:
I had a blast working on this shoot.... Hugette, Editor of DISfunkshion Magazine, is all about COLOR. So I gave her color! It was like being in ART class all over again. I used traditional makeup and pigment, along with my airbrush gun. I splattered, sprayed, and spackled. It was one of the most creative, unrestrained art projects I've ever been apart of. It's definitely safe to say, "I love my job!"