Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good Will Hunter

Good Will Hunter
It's not every day you get to work with a person, whose face you grew up watching and wishing and hoping that one day you would be able to work with them.  It was the late 80's early 90's when Marie Claire and Vogue would babysit me for hours... exactly when 'supermodels ruled the world'... before celebrities did. Fast forward to the summer of 2008. It was 4:30 am when I pulled up to the Pink Hotel (aka The Royal Hawaiian), luggage in tow, two big pieces actually... but it wasn't for a vacation. Today, I was working with Miss Rachel Hunter, and I was prepared! Along with the luggage filled with beauty products (including a new splurge; a cooling creme blush stick by Chantecaille which I just love!) I had my director's chair and a cooler filled with beverages; an energetic berry juice for the morning, and some energy drinks for mid-day. I wanted to cover all my bases, afterall, this wasn't your average model... this was supermodel status, and I knew that Rachel has had every makeup artist in the biz work on her.  

Two fun-filled, 14 hour days of shooting with Miss Hunter went by; 12 hair changes, 24 makeup touch ups, 20 wardrobe changes,  16 locations, 85 miles (North Shore and back), 3,000 pictures, 2 bottles of Banana Boat SPF 30, 6 energy drinks, 140 onlookers, 1 fruit basket (delivered to Rachel by one of the guys sitting on the porch of their beach front home at Sunset Beach), 3 Retro wooden surf boards, 1 Photographer hiding in the bushes (He was shooting for Hawaii Film and Television Magazine.... it went to print with a picture of me touching up Hunter!)  5 Kiwis (Production crew), 1 Supermodel and 1 Orange County Girl (Makeup Artist!) 
It was a weekend to remember; and a major perk to the job.... you get the pictures to prove it!  

Thank you to Rachel Hunter for an enjoyable shoot! 
Look for her new LOLA Swimwear Ad Campaign coming soon! LOLA is based out of NZ/AUS     

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