Here are some of my FAVORITE Makeup products, that are always in my kit (and often in my own lil travelin' makeup bag). Enjoy! 
Every women should have this in her makeup bag.
A LIGHT UP Lip gloss with mint! LED flash light in the
wand and a mirror on the side- no more touch ups in the dark.
$15.75 / Comes in 5 shades. Order online at: Click BEAUTY.
I fell in love with this mascara during NYFW when
Maybelline was giving away freebies- instantly
 hooked! The Curved brush is brilliant at curling
and lifting lashes & the formula is so rich- it works
with one coat. (But who am I kidding... sometimes
I do 2-5 coats for serious FAKE looking lashes!

If stranded on a deserted island... this would be one of my 3!
Why I LOVE this product: 1) My skin just drinks it in- it's ultra
hydrating and goes on so smoothly... ahhh! 2) SPF 20, protects my skin from the
Hawaiian rays or California Sun... or New York City Glare... where ever I am,
you'll find this in my makeup bag. 3) The GLOW from this beautiful illuminating product
is my fave part about it. So even on my no-makeup days, I still use this Illuminating SPF! 

This... is my FAVORITE Foundation. By far. HD photographs exquisitely and its invisible
(& oh so supple) oil free formulation looks wonderful on all skin types and tones.
And speaking of tones... this comes in 26 shades so EVERY girl will find her perfect match.
(If only dating were that easy!) This high definition formula is lightweight yet offers a medium coverage-ALL while remaining incognito! Perfect for that close up on and off screen. :-)
I apply this (over my Laura Mercier Illuminating SPF 20) using a small stippling brush 
(by MAC #188)using small circular motions... it has an airbrushed effect.

Light- in my opinion- is the most beautiful element of art... and it's no different in the art 
of makeup.This product is a game changer. This makes my clients say, "aweee!" and "Wow!" and
"How do you get that GLOW on her skin?" This is my answer- UPLIGHT.
I use it on my cheekbones, on top of my brow bone, on the eye lid, inner corner of my eye, on the bridge of the nose (some people say, 'ridge'... potatoe / potato) even on the peak of my lip and my decolletage. Remember the simple rule in highlighting- when an object reflects light... 
it looks bigger! You can even mix this product with your foundation or concealer,
 or cream blush and lipstick for that matter. Enjoy!

Another product every woman will benefit from, the YSL Touche Eclat Highlighter Pen. It's magic.
I particularly adore #3- it's the perfect peach shade to combat under eye circles for light to med skin tones. (After all, orange and blue (circles) are complimentary colors, 
so when used on top of one another,they neutralize each other and under eye circles vanish!)
 Also remember, this product is a highlight / concealer in one,
so where ever you need a lift, this will help. (Smile lines, crow's feet, under eye circles) 
Derma Color concealer palettes are a MUST in every professional makeup artists kit.
They come in various shades, I have the 'yellow tones' and 'pink tones' in my kit, 
and it comes in handy, let me tell you. Every time I've been in the makeup trailer for 
my in front of the camera moments, this has been used on me.
A touch of this product will go a long way, use sparingly. 

The RCMA concealer palette is a must for professionals. This build-able, lightweight formulation mimics the look of skin with a velvety finish, that's so natural. It has a touch of a sheen to it too. So pretty!

This is just a fun product! Anything that clicks, is fun to me. haha.
I love, love, love CREAM BLUSH.
It's the most believable (and longest lasting) way to obtain rosy cheeks. Looks like you're
blushing- literally! And perfect for you on the go gals, you can even smooth it over your
lips for a touch of color all over.

Tipsy Cheek Stain is my go to cheek stain, this peach tint looks amazing on all skin tones! 
I apply this product with a foundation brush, evenly applying the color first to the brush, 
then patting the brush on the apple of your cheeks (usually about 12+ times!) The finish is just 
enough gorgeous dewy color... it's my favorite part of makeup application! 

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