Wednesday, November 19, 2008


As an Artist... I wear many hats. Makeup/Hair/Styling/Production/Graphics/Designer/Model/Actress/Choreographer/Writer/Director/Editor. 
I love it all! That's the beauty of being a freelance artist.... you don't have to choose just one. As my mother often told me as a young girl, "Why have one, when you can have them all." Go after ALL your dreams. Growing up with that kind of encouragement instilled in me the visionary attributes that I possess today. I was once told to write down "50 Wonderful Things" by a college professor at FIDM (Where I majored in Visual Communications....ART) at first mention, I thought 50 was a bit frivolous; today, I have 200 "Wonderful Things" I want to do in life. I've checked off more than 50 already. Who are we NOT to live the life of our DREAMS. 
At times, I admit... wearing multiple hats can be quite inundating even to the strongest of women; but let's face it girls, it's just more fun... and we do it oh so well..... 

Makeup/Hair: Jessica Hoffman
Photography: Harold Julian
Styling: Hugette
Model: Cece
Published in DISfunkshion Magazine

Makeup Artist Note:
I had a blast working on this shoot.... Hugette, Editor of DISfunkshion Magazine, is all about COLOR. So I gave her color! It was like being in ART class all over again. I used traditional makeup and pigment, along with my airbrush gun. I splattered, sprayed, and spackled. It was one of the most creative, unrestrained art projects I've ever been apart of. It's definitely safe to say, "I love my job!"

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Kat said...

AMAZING!!! What a fun and dynamic shoot! And I love the post production and layout!
And you are so right about doing it all! It is one of the greatest gratifications of my life to know that I can do something different that creatively challenges me from day to day! Thanks for the reminder of all that we are capable of!