Friday, September 12, 2008

Once was LOST but now I'm found....

  Fun people are a perk to any job. As a makeup artist, there's a vast contrast in a days work when you have a client who is "nice" and someone who is "entertaining" and just all around "fun"! You may be spending anywhere from 1 hour to upwards of 12 hours with your client, face to face.... invading their personal space from the get-go, so let me tell you.... I appreciate fun clients. I mean, someone who can make you laugh, someone who can take a joke, who can be professional, yet silly if the moment calls for that sort of behavior... someone who likes to chat in between shooting and delve into amusing stories during lunch.... it makes a long day just zip by! And that's exactly what happened when I worked with Naveen Andrews from LOST. We shot for the cover of Parade Magazine one warm, sunny afternoon at the Kahala Resort, and he was such a joy to work with. I mean, we were laughing! And by the end of the shoot, we were
 having our own lil photo shoot! 

Just an FYI, to all you makeup artists working in Hawaii... don't wear a skirt to a shoot on the beach in the late afternoon... otherwise you end up taking a perfectly cute picture with a celebrity with your skirt tied in a knot looking more like a fashion-don't than a lucky girl getting her picture taken with a perfectly cute celebrity. :-)


Anonymous said...

This was a great story I always thought he'd be a fun guy in person. Thanks for sharing.

Jessica Hoffman said...

Very delayed response, but yes he certainly was! Loved working with Naveen!!