Friday, November 21, 2008

Ocean Avenue

Here are some of the tears from one of my most beloved magazines, OCEAN. The beauty of working with Ocean, is that one: they're all incredibly talented (as you can see) two: we're all great friends! These peeps are fantastic human beings, with such big hearts! Please check out the magazine, if you haven't already. I promise, you'll love it!
Editor-in-chief, Molly Chizzick; Fashion Director, Kenny Hazelwood; Director of Photography, Dominic Petruzzi; and Model, Danielle Donn all flew to Hawaii to meet me (Makeup and Hair Stylist) for an Exotic Shoot on the one and only Lanikai Beach! We had a blast in the blazing heat! But it's okay, we all got to go for a dip in the blue sea after we wrapped. I even wore my bikini to work! Gotta love that! All our hard work paid off... take a peek.

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