Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brad Pitt, Kevin Bacon, George Clooney... you know, the usual.

This was an EPIC night. I had the honor of working with celebrity Makeup Artist, Sharon Gault and Celebrity Hair Stylist, Sean James, both artists represented by Opus Beauty and together our team made the beautiful even more beautiful... Our clients: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Kevin Bacon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Martin Sheen and some of the cast from Glee... to name a few! 

 I'm all set up and ready to work! 
Products I used: Makeup Forever Anti-Shine, All Matte as a base. On the men, Select Cover Up by MAC, and Makeup Forever Very Matte Powders. On the women who weren't on stage, I gave them a more dewy finish and used Makeup Forever HD foundation with Laura Mercier Radiance Tinted Moisturizer as a base. 

What a perfect shot of the evening! Sean James working on Brad Pitt, I was so excited to assist him with Mr. Pitt! Martin Sheen finishing up and Matthew Morrison getting powdered. 

 Me and Key Hair Stylist, Sean James working on one of the producers of the event. She loved it!! 

 Our Team, with our client list above! 

Backstage with Pitt and Clooney... tough day in the office! The Makeup and Hair team were backstage ready to touch up the cast before they headed to the red carpet! 

And of course, I had to hit the red carpet as well! This was, in fact, my first red carpet as a brunette! 

I did hair for Matthew Morrison from Glee and the beautiful Sally, did his makeup. #teamwork

And for the after party, we had the best view of the night! Mr. George Clooney, looking as debonair as ever. 

And to finish the night off, Sally and I took a sassy lil picture with the sweetie pie from Glee, Darren!

I had the honor of working with and touching up... 

Kevin Bacon
Matthew Morrison (Glee) 
Jane Lynch (Glee) 
Chris Colfer (Glee)
Yeardley Smith (Voice of Lisa Simpson)
Campbell Brown
James Pickens, Jr. (Grey's Anatomy) 
Bridger Zadina
And assisted Key Hair Stylist with Brad Pitt 

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