Monday, June 29, 2009


You’re a cheerful, vivacious woman... why should your makeup be any different! Let your little light shine this spring with a splash of citrus hues on the eyes and kool-aide stained lips for an undeniably radiant you. It’s kind of like Crayolas for grown-ups... only now, you don’t have to worry about staying within the lines. 

Funkshional Trend: Pop Art. 

Bright is Right.... Now! Go ahead, summon your inner Picasso as you embrace the colorful world of spring! Pick your favorite shades of the rainbow, and go for it. Brush on complimentary golds and violets for an intensified duo that’s sure to make your eyes pop. 


Trend: Art Major. 

Legendary Makeup Artist, Kevyn Aucoin once said, “There are no rules in makeup.” We couldn’t agree more! In the past we’ve been told to pick just one color to use to play up the eyes; this time around, the skies the limit. Express 

yourself with all the colors of the wind... all at once!

Loud Mouth: 

Don’t forget about your pout. Lips play a supporting role in this work of art, but that doesn’t mean they go unnoticed. Cotton candy and cherry stained lips should be served sheer and shiny this spring. 

For this editorial take on the trend, start with a neutral cream shadow to help intensify the vibrant color you’ll be painting with. “I love to think of makeup as an art form,” says Makeup Artist Jessica Hoffman, “and not just the paint-by-numbers sort of makeup we do day in and day out. I love to push myself to create looks that are outside the box. Color doesn’t have to stay within the perimeters of the lash line and brow bone. Take it to the extreme. Use different application techniques as well. For instance, I took a tapered crease brush and picked up bright orange loose powder eyeshadow and sprinkled the color over the eyes by tapping the brush off the back of my hand. Some pigment even landed in the eyelashes... I loved it!”  

Work with warm and cool colors to create balance within this otherwise arbitrary application of color. Hoffman uses cool colors such as purples, blues and greens to extend to the temple and down on the tops of the cheekbone. She keeps the warm splashes of orange and gold near the lashline to draw the attention back to the eyes. 

When you look good you feel good, and vice versa. So let the world see just how wonderfully 

multi-faceted you are; you happy, vibrant, colorful you... Now that’s a bright idea!

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Written By: Jessica Hoffman

Makeup and Hair:


Assistant Photographer: Elliot Takane

Model: Kristoria for Premier Models and Talent

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