Thursday, June 18, 2009

Survival of the fittest!

I had the pleasure of working with Miss Sydney Wheeler (who just survived 8 episodes of Survivor!) in Newport Beach last week on a shoot for Protest, a Holland based surf wear company. We had an amazingly fun time working... if it can even be called that. When you work with fabulous, professional and fun-loving people... a 13 hour day, goes by in a blink of an eye. I never looked at my watch once! It was a four day shoot with the one and only, Michael Voorhees Photographer, and his talented tight-knit crew! All of whom I just love. Looking forward to many more exciting shoots with this team! Look for coming blogs all about the Protest shoot!! Here's a sneak peak at our colorful cast!! 

Here is a beauty shot of Sydney! I just love how her hair turned out... and it's so simple to do! First I started with volumizing spray (Add Volume by KMS) at the roots, then spritzed each individual lock of hair with Sea Salt Spray (again by KMS) as I twisted each strand and wrapped it into a mini bun, securing each with a hair pin. I continued that process until I had about 5-7 twisted buns. Then we proceeded to do her makeup while letting the hair set. Once we did the makeup, it was time to shake out the hair. I ran my fingers through the tight coils to smooth it out. (I avoided using a comb as to not take out too much curl) We finished by having Sydney flip her hair upside down, as I sprayed and teased (this time using a large tooth comb) to add even more messy volume. Once she stood up right, it was time to add a lil shine serum/ anti-frizz spray to leave the waves with a glossy finish. And waaa laaa... Here is the finished product!

Makeup was kept quite fresh and pure! Just the way I like it :-) I used a lot of cream and gel products to keep it looking glossy, but not sweaty. Some of my all time favorite products are:
Tarte Cheek Stain (Sephora) and Neutrogena Shimmer Sheer (now discountinued! Ugh!) Both of which I apply with a foundation brush using a patting motion. When you 'rub' a product on to the skin, you just move product back and forth, patting motion is more intentional... you have to be in control of the makeup, and tell it where to go! More on this makeup in my next blog!  

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