Thursday, May 7, 2009


There are those days when you thank God you do what you do, when you feel so blessed and over joyed to be in the career that you are in... and this was one of those days!

Day 1 of 6 for a print photo shoot for a bathing suit catalogue for Cyber Swim. I was booked to do Hair and Makeup for 8 girls throughout the week. The client, Lisa (who is incredibly sweet & professional all at the same time) put me up at the Turtle Bay Resort for the week, and I booked one of my best friends and extremely talented artist, Crystal Pancipanci as my second artist for the dream job. We also had Meileen Ramos assisting us throughout the day as well. With three artists to four girls, everything went by so smoothly and there was time to enjoy the talent and the day. Of course, having a wonderful, efficient, easy to work with photographer always sets the tone for a beautiful day. Thank you Michael Voorhees Photography!! Overall we were all pretty happy campers! Here is how Day 1 unfolded....  

Me with Cameron Diaz... actually I got to work on the lovely Valentina Hubsch, a dead ringer for Miss Diaz, even down to the happy, bubbly, joyful attitude! Nothing like sitting on the sand, under the shade of a palm tree working away!

The talented and very lovely ladies of Cyber Swim! What a phenomenal group... we were friends from the get go!

The hilarious and beautiful Nathalie Geld! What a treat it is to work with her... she'll keep you laughing and mesmerized the whole day through. 

Group shot! We happened to find Jane, a beautiful older woman, who was lounging in the sand, and she happened to be wearing a Cyber Swim Bathing Suit... so.... we put her in the shot! She was a fantastic sport. We were all inspired by her beauty and confidence! Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

This was our tent set up on the beach, so the models could change quickly between shots! And my sassy Makeup Artist Panci striking a pose. 

Day 1: 13 hour work day. With a 3 hour lunch break in between. 
Great day at the office!

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I spy the ever-lovely Annette Victoria. Please be sure to give her my regards. A fan from afar...