Friday, July 3, 2009

The Beauty Industry + A Message of Purity = Pure Beauty Ministries 
A Foundation Empowering single women to live a life of vision, to embrace their dreams, to realize their value and to pursue the beautiful path of Purity.  

A dear friend and lovely young lady, Cassidy Metter (has since signed with FORD Models) was my very first model for my new foundation, Pure Beauty Ministries. We shot these images in back of Diamond Head, and prayed for sunshine! Although we had to sit through some rain, we ended up with the picture perfect light that I was praying for! Isn't that life, we get all frustrated when we have to 'wait through the rain', but God always blesses those who love him and are obedient to his word. He often blesses us in spite of us... and after the rain, comes just what we needed... a little bit of warm, golden sunshine from Heaven! I just love this sunburst in the picture above. 
Miss Daeja Fallas shot these, along with her assistant; a great up and coming photographer Dallas Nagata... check them out at It's a beautiful site, with amazing pictures (as seen here!) This was taken from Daeja's Camera as she captured a beautiful moment in time... Look how the light of Heaven just shines down, from between the trees and touches the skin of this lovely young girl, dreaming about life. The Words Pure and Beauty can be seen through these images.... job well done ladies!! 

And here's the crew who made it all happen: The Fab Four: 
Model: Cassidy..... Director/Makeup/Hair: Myself..... Photographer: Deaja Fallas (wearing a perfect shirt for the shoot, "Beauty is Forever.").... Photographer Assistant: Dallas Nagata.

Please Check out: for the whole story and some other treasures! 

Love Jessica Justina
Founder of Pure Beauty Ministries

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Daeja Fallas said...

Aww thanks for the love girlie! Hope to see you soon!