Thursday, July 16, 2009

Entertainment Weekly / LOST

I had the pleasure of working with Daniel Dae Kim, (for the third time) as well as the lovely Yun Jin Kim on a photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly. It's so nice to work with Daniel again, from the first time I worked with him for a television commercial to this shoot in Kahala... he's been ever so sweet! This day, his beautiful wife and cute lil boy showed up to the shoot to watch Daddy... I love seeing that!! We had a blast on the beach of Kahala and I got to work with some of my friends on the shoot as well. Out of all the beautiful, incredible pictures we shot that day, this was the only one to make it into the magazine. As a Hair and Makeup Artist you always hope that they'll pick the close up shot, but alas, this was the lucky image that made its debut in Entertainment Weekly. 

The hot stars from LOST: Yun Jin Kim and Daniel Dae Kim

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