Thursday, May 12, 2011

An interview...

I had the honor of being asked to be interviewed for a Senior Project. I love to share my story and passion with young artists! Here are a few of my answers (1 of 11 questions), thought I'd also share it with you!

1. What made me become a makeup artist: a Dream and an opportunity, with a lot of dedication, passion and courage! I grew up dancing, so makeup application was a natural part of every performance or concert. As young as I can remember I loved playing dress up and doing makeup. I practiced on my sisters and friends, and at 16 I went and applied for a job at Glamour Shots. It was working there for 2 years that I was able to get my hands on faces of all ages, all ethnicities, all colors. I gained a tremendous amount of experience and love for my craft during those 2 years! At age 18, I met and started working with a celebrity Photographer, who I ended up working with for the next 10 years! I became a makeup artist, because I followed my dream and just NEVER STOPPED doing it, I NEVER GAVE UP!!

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prettyyoungthing said...

Please oh please, post a picture of you in front of the camera at GlamourShots. We KNOW you have one (or a million...). :-)