Saturday, May 14, 2011

Makeup 101

Did you go to school for Makeup?

I didn't attend school for my profession. Working, attending workshops, reading books and studying magazines became my school. I learned my craft as I went and I was always making sure I was around people who inspired me and people I could learn from. I went to FIDM, Fashion College where I studied Visual Communications. I learned the theories of color and design, which helped me as an artist. I also learned how to market a creative business, plan events, wardrobe style and various other skills that helped me along my way as a freelance makeup artist and business owner. I put myself through college while working as a Hair & Makeup Artist. I continue to soak up all the knowledge I can, I continue to push my self, my creativity and my courage. I recommend if you're a Makeup Artist to make sure you're attending Trade shows! Here are a few NOT to miss...

IMATS. International Makeup Artist Trade Show. I was totally inspired by my time at the trade show in Pasadena and ran into some ol' favorites including Dany Sanz of Makeup Forever, Sharon Gault aka Mama Makeup, and met some new inspirational artists including the incredible, Rae Morris and the Creator of IMATS and The Makeup Artist Magazine himself, Michael Key.

The Makeup Show: which starts TODAY (May 15 &16th) in NYC! I so wish I can be there for this spectacular display of talent!! Some of the gurus I'd love to see if I were in the Big Apple this weekend would be... Billy B (whom I had the pleasure of running into while at the MAC store at The Grove in LA!), Charlie Green, Patti Dubroff, Reggie Wells, Sam Fine and other stars!

Enjoy Life. Live Beautifully. Keep Creating. And don't be afraid to Play with Makeup!

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Unknown said...


I recently came across your work, and have been so impressed! You're very talented! I'd just like to ask you two questions. One, what make up do you use on your cheeks to create such a beautiful sheen? And, two, I've always wanted to do make up, but have been too afraid to pursue my dreams, or have believed that I cannot actually create a solid career through doing make up. Now, I'm thirty, and really regretting not having embraced the path that has been attracting me for so long. Do you think that now, at this age, I could successfully pursue a career in make up? Lastly, I'd also like to say that I really appreciate your message about purity! It's so rare to hear that message so openly conveyed these days.

Thank you,