Monday, July 26, 2010

MONDAY MUSE: The Naked Truth

Monica Belucci, Sophie Marceau and Eva Herzigova are my heroines! Finally, women brave enough to grace the cover of  an International Magazine such as French Elle... without a stitch of makeup on. (And an Editor-in-Chief whose finally daring enough to let them) Of course they still have the best photographers with all the right illuminating touches, but these women are baring their true beauty and look so comfortable doing so. No lip gloss, no mascara, no bronzer to create supermodel cheekbones or gorgeously smudged eyeliner to brighten their eyes- just a twinkle in their gaze and healthy, well taken care of skin. How refreshing it is to see authentic beauty and not just a computerized version of a celebrity. Thank you French Elle for showing us refreshingly natural yet feminine women, sometimes I feel the Fashion Industry has forgotten what that looks like.

 May these Covers serve as a pep talk to all women... never hide behind your makeup- you were born beautiful and makeup should only enhance your natural loveliness. And that my dear, is the naked truth.  

I was so inspired by these women, I set out to create my own 'Stars sans Fards' moment... 
(sans fards is a French idiom that literally means “without rouge/makeup,” but implies “openness.”)


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Kat said...

You + No Makeup = Crazy gorgeous!! I am so obsessed with your eyebrows right now! And the blessed-by-God sparkle in your eyes! What a truly beautiful woman you are!